Water sports

Water sports are the games that are played in and on water. Playing in the waters is quite enjoyable since there is a cool breeze and one cannot sweat or feel the body emanating from the body. There are several games that one can play in the water. These games include;
• Diving
• Swimming
• Triathlon
• Snorkeling
• Modern pentathlon
• Rescue swimming
There are still several games one can play on the water. These games include;
• Boat racing
• Body boarding
• Cable skiing
• Fishing
• Kite surfing
• Windsurfing
Diving is one of the games that is played in the water. People do climb on tall cliffs and jump into the deep waters in turns. This is quite a risky game to engage in. while diving one ought to be very careful not to injure himself or herself. Fanatic falcon It is recommended to people to dive in clear waters that they can see below to avoid being injured. In rivers, diving is not recommended because no one knows what is below the surface of the water.

Swimming is an enjoyable game and many people do love the game. Swimming underwater requires experts. For one to be able to swim underwater he/she needs to be able to hold the breath to avoid drowning.

Triathlon is a game that entails three types of sports combined together. It is an enjoyable game since it involves swimming, running and cycling. Either game can start and the people playing this game can choose the best procedure to follow while playing this game.

Snorkeling it is a type of sport that entails swimming in the water especially in the sea waters. In this sport, people do wear fins, mask and a snorkel which is a short tube. People do enjoy this game a lot since one can adventure a lot.

Modern pentathlon is a kind of water sport that entails three sports combined together. It includes; cross country running, pistol shooting, show jumping on the horseback, Swimming and epee fencing.

Rescue swimming is a type of water sport where people play in the water. This game entails swimming with the aim of rescuing scuba. It is very enjoyable and one can only enjoy if there are many participants.

Boat racing is a type of game that people play on the water. Boats are ridden on the surface of water using motors or by canoeing. This game is very enjoyable on moving ester say a river or in the sea. This game requires a large sum of water.

Body boarding is a game where a person lies on board and floats on moving water. One needs to be an expert in swimming before playing this game. While lying on the boat anything can happen so it is recommended to be careful while playing the game.

Cable skiing this game is very similar to body boarding. The only difference is that it involves cables which people use in maneuvering on the water.

Fishing is a type of recreational activity that entails the act of catching fish in the water. Some people do it for a living while others take it as a sport. People do fish while still on the surface where they cast nets or throw baits to capture fish.

Kite surfing is done on flat water where one uses a kite to maneuver on the water surface. This game is very enjoyable especially if it is done on a windy day.

Windsurfing is done on flat water while using wind. This wind is usually for propulsion to enable one to windsurf for a windsurf.